What Is Wrinkle Relaxation?

This treatment is designed to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. For example, when you frown the muscles between your eyebrows draw together and over time this can leave wrinkles in your skin. Similarly, ‘crows’ feet’ are caused by the muscles used when you smile, and the horizontal lines on your forehead are caused by raising your eyebrows. Wrinkle relaxation treatments work by relaxing those muscles, allowing your skin to appear smoother.

How Does Wrinkle Relaxation Work?

Wrinkle relaxation treatment, when applied with skill and care, will only target those muscles that are having a negative impact on the appearance of your skin; by relaxing them, your skin will gradually become smoother. Our specialist facial aesthetic team can help you to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin without making you look expressionless.

The wrinkle relaxing treatment is painlessly injected using very fine needles into targeted muscles; any discomfort can be lessened by using a local anaesthetic cream.

Will Wrinkle Relaxation Work For Me?

If you have lines caused by frowning, smiling or other facial expressions and you wish to reduce their appearance, wrinkle relaxation treatment may be the perfect solution for you.

How Long Does Wrinkle Relaxation Take?

If you are interested in wrinkle relaxation treatment, you will need two appointments. The first will be your consultation at which you can ask any questions and we will listen carefully to what you want to achieve from your treatment; we can then advise you on the various products and treatments available that will best meet your needs. The second appointment will involve receiving your wrinkle relaxation treatment.

You will notice effects two to three days after your treatment, which will gradually become more noticeable over the following week. The effects of wrinkle relaxation tend to last for between three and eight months; if you have repeated treatments the effects last for longer each time. Over time, the treated muscles will weaken through lack of use and you should find that you need fewer repeat treatments and they may eventually become unnecessary.

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