Our Philosophy

Established in 2003, Damira Dental Studios has grown from one small practice in Oxford to become a leading provider of high quality dental care across the UK. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments both through the NHS & privately.

Vision & Aims

At Damira Dental Studios our main focus is our patients and ensuring that we deliver personalised care to every individual. Our vision guides us in everything that we do. That vision is to provide each of our patients with exceptional dental services in a friendly and welcoming environment. We aim to achieve this in 3 ways:

Patient Experience

We want our patients to have a safe and smooth experience so we treat them with respect and we keep our promises. Our staff are professional, knowledgeable and dependable and we go the extra mile to make sure that our patients receive the high standard of care that they deserve.


We help our patients to make informed choices about their oral health. We do this by putting their interests first and discussing all the available options.


We maintain high standards of clinical excellence and we are compliant with the standards set by NHS England, the General Dental Council and the Care Quality Commission.

Why Choose Damira?

We are modern and patient-centred and have practices in 23 locations across the UK. We are always delighted to welcome new patients and are pleased that so many of our new patients come on the recommendation of our existing patients who have been happy with our care.

Same Day & Emergency Appointments

We can usually offer you an appointment on the same day at any of our practices as we understand that sometimes dental treatment has to simply fit in with the rest of your busy lifestyle; we also have five walk-in centres that are open 7 days a week for emergencies so that our patients never have to wait for an appointment in pain.

NHS & Private Dental Care

We are proud to offer NHS appointments at most of our practices and offer the same level of customer care whether you are an NHS patient or a fee-paying patient. All of our dentists are highly qualified, experienced and approved by the Care Quality Commission.

As part of our commitment to preventative dentistry, we offer free dental check-ups to all children who are registered with us, and they can also receive free NHS care.

Fee-paying patients can take advantage of the wide range of cosmetic treatments that we offer, from teeth-whitening to veneers or full Smile Makeovers. These are also available to our NHS patients if they wish to pay for services not available under the NHS.

Easy To Reach

With multiple locations across the the UK, some of our practices have free onsite parking or are easily accessible by public transport.

Call Us Today

To arrange an appointment, enquire about registering, or to ask about any of our services, please call us today and we will do our best to help.

Customer Service

At Damira we aim to ensure that your experience and your journey through our practice is as seamless as possible. That’s all about the systems and procedures we have in place to ensure your visit is pleasant, relaxing and just, easy.

But great customer service is not about ‘the stuff we do’ its about how we make you feel isn’t it?

And that’s why Damira is different. We are proud to offer quality NHS dentistry – but without the treadmill.

We don’t want you to feel rushed, we want you to feel valued.
We don’t want you to feel part of a system, we want you to feel unique.
We don’t want you to feel nervous, we want to hold your hand.
We don’t want to just hear your views, we want to act on them.
We don’t just want you to tell your friends & family, we want you to RAVE about us.
We don’t want to just fix your teeth right now, we want to look after you for life.