The food and drink you consume every day can gradually stain and reduce the natural whiteness of your teeth. Even with careful brushing and good oral hygiene it can be difficult to avoid tooth discolouration over time. All of our teeth-whitening treatments aim to reverse the cosmetic damage caused to your teeth using completely painless techniques that make use of the latest technology to achieve fantastic results.

What Is Teeth-Whitening?

We provide several teeth-whitening treatments at our Damira branches, all of which are delivered with expertise and care. We are compliant with all NHS and CQC requirements and our dentists only use products that have been deemed safe. All of our teeth-whitening systems are cost-effective and produce instantly brighter, whiter smiles. Many of our patients time their treatments to coincide with major events such as weddings or holidays, whilst others arrange regular appointments throughout the year to keep their teeth looking their best.

How Do Teeth-Whitening Treatments Work?

The treatments are designed to be non-invasive and will lighten the colour of your teeth depending on the specific result desired by the patient. The way that each teeth-whitening system is applied differs depending upon the product used: see below for details of each method.

For all of our teeth-whitening treatments, you will need to see one of our dentists to check that your teeth are healthy and to ensure that teeth-whitening is suitable for you. Teeth-whitening treatments do not work on crowns, veneers or bridges: for that reason, many of our patients choose to undergo a course of teeth-whitening treatment before having crowns, veneers or bridges created for them, so that their natural and new ‘teeth’ can all be made to have the same brilliant shade of white.

Will Teeth-Whitening Work For Me?

All of our teeth-whitening treatments will achieve an improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. If you have particularly stained teeth (perhaps because you are a smoker), your dentist may recommend that you visit our Dental Hygienist for a luxury ‘Airflow’ polish before having one of the teeth-whitening treatments listed below. An Airflow polish is a little like microdermabrasion for your teeth, as it will gently remove the more established surface stains to ensure that your teeth-whitening treatment can achieve the best possible results.

How Long Does Teeth-Whitening Take?

Your teeth will be instantly whiter and brighter after having any of our teeth-whitening treatments. The effects will last for several weeks but, over time, stains and discoloration may gradually reappear. Your dentist will be happy to give you advice on how to minimise this through small changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Contact Us To Discuss Teeth-Whitening

To arrange an appointment or to enquire about any of our teeth-whitening treatments set out below, please call us and we will be happy to discuss any queries you have or arrange a convenient time for you to see one of our dentists.

Teeth-Whitening Options

The following teeth-whitening treatments are all available through your Damira dentist: which one you choose will depend on your personal preference, your available time and your budget. All options can be explained and discussed in full with you so that you can make a fully-informed decision about which option is most suitable for you.

Home whitening

This is perhaps the most cost-effective method of teeth-whitening that is available; it is also very convenient as you can carry out the treatment yourself in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits your busy lifestyle.
If you opt for home teeth-whitening, you will need two or three short appointments. At the first, your Damira dentist will take an impression of your mouth and teeth, which they will then use to create a custom-made whitening tray – this looks a little like a soft, sports mouth guard and will fit your teeth perfectly. The tray is very comfortable and may be used overnight or for 2-4 hours during the day depending on which gel is recommended for you to use with it.

At your second appointment, approximately 10 days after the first, you will be given your tray plus the teeth whitening gel and careful, step-by-step instructions on how to use it. You can ask any questions you might have, and if you are unsure about what to do when you get home you can always call us back to ask for advice.
You can expect to see an improvement straight away, though home teeth-whitening treatments typically take around two weeks of use for the full effect to be seen. After those two weeks you will see a noticeable difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

If you later decide that you wish to ‘top up’ the effect of this initial treatment, you can purchase further gels through our dentists on request – you will be able to use your original whitening tray, and so further treatments will cost less than the first.

White Dental Beauty

This is an ‘in-chair’ treatment that we are pleased to be able to offer to our patients. It is the whitening product of choice at Damira as it will give you a white, celebrity smile with long-lasting brightness. A whiter, more beautiful smile can be achieved with this safe, effective treatment option. Your dentist can advise you on how to maintain your new, whiter smile for longer with small changes to your diet and lifestyle, and you can also opt for future top-up treatments without fear of damaging your teeth. The sensitivity of your teeth is unaffected; the carefully-selected ingredients will keep your teeth hydrated and the product has a pleasant minty flavour for an added feeling of freshness.

Zoom! Professional Whitening System

This state-of-the-art teeth-whitening system is now available at Damira. This is a quick and highly effective treatment ideal for patients who want a whiter smile in a hurry for a holiday, wedding or other special occasion. If you opt for a Zoom! teeth-whitening treatment, you will spend approximately 1.5 hours with your dentist who will whiten your teeth whilst you wait. At the end of this treatment you will have instantly brighter, whiter teeth.

Combined Whitening Treatments

Using a combination of in-chair teeth-whitening and home whitening treatments can be the most effective and long-lasting method. You will spend 1.5 hours with your dentist who will whiten your teeth using the Zoom! treatment method whilst you wait (this time will include the time spent creating your custom-made teeth whitening tray); you will then be provided with top-up treatments to use at home with your tray.