What Is The Six Month Smiles System?

The Six Month Smiles system is a fixed-brace solution to crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth. If your dentist considers that these braces will give you a more uniform smile, you can be fitted with clear or tooth-coloured, discreet braces that gently reposition your teeth over a relatively short period. They work primarily on the teeth that are visible when you smile, and are ideal if all you need are cosmetic changes to your smile.

How Does The Six Month Smile System Work?

The braces are affixed to your teeth, and wires are used to carefully adjust their position over a period of several weeks; the wires and the braces are all tooth-coloured (so are barely visible) and the entire process involves minimal discomfort.

Will The Six Month Smile System Work For Me?

If you have gaps, overlapping teeth or crooked front upper or lower teeth, this system can achieve a more even, attractive smile for you. There is no risk to the health or structure of your teeth and this system is usually used where extractions are not necessary. As with all teeth-straightening systems, you will need to wear a retainer following your treatment to keep your smile even and beautiful. Your dentist can discuss what type of retainer would be most suitable for your lifestyle – whether removable or one that is bonded to your teeth.

How Long Does The Six Month Smile System Take?

Teeth are usually successfully straightened using this system in 4-9 months. They are a cost-effective, quick and safe way to move your teeth into their optimal positions.

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