What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Even with the best will in the world, it is possible to miss areas of your child’s teeth when helping them to brush and plaque can build up; small cavities can also develop that are hidden by the enamel and not necessarily visible to the naked eye. By visiting Damira just twice a year, those problem areas can be quickly identified and gently treated to prevent your child from experiencing toothache and to avoid the need for more invasive treatment such as fillings.

With regular check up appointments just twice a year, your child will stand a much better chance of avoiding fillings and extractions, and with support from you and Damira they will develop good oral hygiene habits and have strong, healthy teeth that will last for the rest of their lives.

How Will Preventative Dentistry Help My Child?

We recommend that all of our patients, however old or young, visit us at least twice a year for regular check-ups so that we can spot early signs of decay and remove any build-up of plaque. These check-ups can also help us to detect early signs of more serious illness including oral cancers – so even our patients who have dentures are recommended to visit every six months. By building regular check-ups into your child’s routine from an early age, you will be encouraging them to continue doing so as adults as they will see this as part of the normal maintenance of their teeth.

Preventative Dentistry Treatments Available At Damira

As well as twice-yearly check-ups with a Damira dentist, your child can benefit from preventative treatment with our hygienists, who can help you and your child with:

  • Dietary advice (including the use of food and sugar diaries)
  • Oral hygiene advice (we can recommend home-care products and techniques that best suit you and your child)
  • Advice on how to combat thumb-sucking
  • Specialised cleaning for children undergoing orthodontic treatments
  • Help and support with children’s dental anxiety and fear
  • A full range of health and cosmetic clean and care treatments

We also run smoking cessation clinics aimed at parents who want to stop smoking to improve their own health (including their dental health) and that of their children.

Our focus is on preventative care and on promoting good dental habits for your children to follow, but if your child should need more substantive treatment such as fillings or orthodontic work, all of our dental staff work carefully and gently to ensure that this is pain free and stress free (for both of you!).