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Tracey Nicholls
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Dr Babak Houshmand
Dentist GDC No. 75502
Dr Waqas Sikander
Dentist GDC No. 249351
Dr Boguslawa Naguszewska
Dentist GDC No. 85067
Dr Sania Jamshed
Dentist GDC No. 173817
Dr Paulina Prahl-Kiedrowska
Dentist GDC No. 203202
Dr Victoria Gurd
Dentist GDC No. 5385
Dr Elena-Mirela Gavrila
Dentist GDC No. 275753

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NHS Dental ChargesCost
Band 1£22.70
Band 2£62.10
Band 3£269.30
Private Exam£55
Private Exam - Child£28
Emergency Appointment £50
Emergency Appointment - Child£28
CT Scan£135
Hygiene Appointment£60
Hygiene Appointment with LA (20 Min)£83
Air Flow£120
White FillingCost
One Surface (from)£105
Two Surfaces (from)£160
Three Surfaces (from)£170
Other FillingsCost
Temporary Filling (from)£50
Autofill Composite£75
Root Canal TreatmentCost
Re-RCT (Specialist)£890
Crowns and BridgesCost
Gold (from)£550
Porcelain & Metal (from)£610
All Porcelain (from) £725
Dentine Pin (from)£27
Re-cement Crown (from) £40
Porcelain Onlay£600
Non-precious White Crown£525
Post and CoreCost
Metal (from)£170
Zirconia/White (from)£220
Bridge per Wing (from) £165
Everstick Bridge (from) £550
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from)£550
1 Veneer (from)£675
Each Additional (from)£575
Per Composite Veneer (from)£400
Non Surgical (up to)£155
Bone Graft After Extraction£250
Partial Upper or Lower 1-3£680
Partial Upper or Lower 4-7£730
Full Upper or Lower£750
Full Upper and Lower£1,400
Valplast (from)£1,000
Retainer Repair£175
Essix Retainer£170
Invisalign Go One Arch£2,199
Invisalign Go Dual Arch£2,599
Invisalign Lite One Arch£2,350
Invisalign Lite Dual Arch£2,850
Invisalign Full Dual Arch£4,000
Pre-treatment Assessment£100
1 Implant (surgery only)£1,250
Multiple (from per implant)£1,000
Bone Grafts (from)£450
Implant Review £65
Annual Cleaning Under All On Four£275
Tightening Implant Crown Screw£100
Implant Crown Only £1,250
Full Denture on 2 Implant Abutments£6,000
Smile MakeoverCost
Per Tooth£675
Wax Up£70
Home Whitening£325
Home Whitening Single Arch£175
Zoom! In Chair £560
Top Up Gel£30
Trays Only Per Arch£150
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth)£295
Wrinkle RejuvenationCost
1 Area£180
2 Areas£250
3 Areas£315
Fillers / JuvedermCost
1 Syringe£260
2 Syringes£425
Each Additional£220
Fillers (from)£260
8 Point Mini Lift£1,000
Adult Sports / Gum Shield£115
Child Sports / Gum Shield£66
Night Guard£345
Composite Splint£460
Local Anaesthetic£18
Administration Fee - Insurance Forms£18
Administration Fee - Passport Forms£25
Examinations Price Smile Price
Private Exam £55.00 -
Private Exam - Child £27.50 -
Emergency Appointment £49.50 -
Emergency Appointment - Child £27.50 -
Prescription £12.00 £10.00
X-rays £12.00 -
CT Scan £135.00 £114.75
Hygienist Price Smile Price
Hygiene appointment £60.00 £51.00
Hygiene appointment with LA (20 Min) £83.00 £70.55
Air Flow £120.00 £102.00
White filling Price Smile Price
One Surface (from) £105.00 £89.25
Two Surfaces (from) £160.00 £136.00
Three Surfaces (from) £170.00 £144.50
Other fillings Price Smile Price
Temporary Filling (from) £50.00 £42.50
Autofill Composite £75.00 £63.75
Crown Price Smile Price
Gold £550.00 £467.50
Porcelain & Metal (from) £610.00 £518.50
All Porcelain (from) £725.00 £616.25
Dentine Pin (from) £27.00 £22.95
Re-cement Crown (from) £40.00 £34.00
Porcelain Onlay £600.00 £510.00
Non-precious white crown £525.00 £446.25
Post and Core Price Smile Price
Metal (from) £170.00 £144.50
Zirconia/White (from) £220.00 £187.00
Bridge Price Smile Price
Bridge per Wing (from) £165.00 £140.25
Everstick Bridge (from) £550.00 £467.50
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from) £550.00 £467.50
Veneers Price Smile Price
1 Veneer (from) £675.00 £573.75
Each Additional (from) £575.00 £488.75
Per Composite Veneer (from) £400.00 £340.00
Extractions Price Smile Price
Non Surgical (up to) £155.00 £131.75
Surgical £305.00 £259.25
Bone Graft after extraction £250.00 £212.50
Dentures Price Smile Price
Partial Upper or Lower 1 - 3 Dentures £680.00 £578.00
Partial Upper or Lower 4 - 7 £730.00 £620.50
Full Upper or Lower £750.00 £637.50
Full Upper and Lower £1,400.00 £1,190.00
Chrome £1,000.00 £850.00
Valplast (from) £1,000.00 £850.00
Sunflex £850.00 £722.50
Whitening Price Smile Price
Home Whitening £325.00 £276.25
Home Whitening Single Arch £175.00 £148.75
Zoom! In Chair £560.00 £476.00
Top Up Gel £30.00 £25.50
Trays Only Per Arch £150.00 £127.50
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth) £295.00 £250.75
Botox Price Smile Price
1 Area £180.00 £153.00
2 Areas £250.00 £212.50
3 Areas £315.00 £267.75
Fillers/Juvederm Price Smile Price
1 Syringe £260.00 £221.00
2 Syringes £425.00 £361.25
Each Additional £220.00 £187.00
Fillers (from) £260.00 £221.00
8 Point Mini Lift £1,000.00 £850.00
Extras Price Smile Price
Adult sports/gum shield £115.00 £97.75
Child Sports/Gum Shield £66.00 £56.10
Night Guard £345.00 £293.25
Composite Splint £460.00 £391.00
Periochip £60.00 £51.00
Local Anaesthetic £18.00 £15.30
Administration Fee - Insurance Forms £18.00 £15.30
Administration Fee - Passport Forms £25.00 £21.25

Read the Testimonials

Dr Waqas and his team helped me with a new crown, which came out perfect! Dr Waqas patiently answered all my questions, he was very knowledgeable and explained all my options.

His dental nurse was very understanding of my pain concerns and made me feel at ease. The clinic is a professional and clean place.

If you are looking for a dentist in this area, look no further!

female Inger R. Google Reviews

I have been an NHS patient of Damira Southbourne for some time now, and cannot fault it!

Yesterday I needed an emergency appointment, I rang up and was given an appointment on the same day. Unfortunately it was made at a central call centre and when I arrived at the practice I was told it was an hour earlier. I was positive I had not been mistaken but the dentist I see agreed to see me in what I think was their lunch hour. They did not hurry me, explained exactly what was wrong and that I might need an implant. When I explained that I had already had one and would rather return to my original dental surgeon for any implant they immediately said that was not a problem and they would work with them if I said what was needed. This was despite there being a very good implant service at Damira Southbourne which I would have used had I not already had experience with another.

I have had many dentists in my life but I would count Damira Southbourne and particularly the dentist I saw amongst the best!

male Zossimus NHS Choices

I would like to say how happy I am with the excellent treatment I had recently at the Damira Dental Practice.

All the staff are very friendly, from the receptionists to the dental assistants to the dentists. The premises were upgraded a year or so ago and look smart, with a handy disabled toilet downstairs.

I had quite a bad problem with one tooth but, after a few consultations, the dentist removed it very effectively with no pain or distress to myself, except of course for the injection of anaesthetic which is always just a quick, sharp sensation. I had been very worried about having my wisdom tooth removed and thought it might take ages, but the dentist got it out in only a couple of minutes and I felt nothing at all. I am quite nervous of going to the dentist so I was so pleased that it had all been done with no pain.

The dentist gave me a sheet of information about how to care for the mouth after an extraction. I followed it all exactly and had no pain afterwards at all.

I am very happy with how it was all resolved and I would recommend the dentists here.

female Jill S. NHS Choices

Took our daughter here for an emergency appointment while in Bournemouth on holiday.

They were wonderful, the surgery was clean and all staff very professional.

I wish this was our regular surgery!

male David G. Google Reviews

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