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Jacqui Worsdell
Practice Manager GDC No. 107611
Dr Fabio De Santis
Dentist (Weekends Only) GDC No. 154232
Dr Chiara Loreti
Dentist GDC No. 251583
Dr Aseel Khattab
Dentist GDC No. 272057
Carole Pym
Hygienist & Therapist GDC No. 10747
Katrina Butler
Head Dental Nurse GDC No. 137431
Michelle Owens
Dental Nurse GDC No. 203977

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NHS Dental ChargesCost
Band 1£22.70
Band 2£62.10
Band 3£269.30
Private Exam£50
Private Exam - Child£28
Emergency Appointment £39
Emergency Appointment - Child£28
CT Scan£105
Hygiene Cost
Hygiene Appointment £60
Air Flow £85
White FillingCost
Temporary Filling (from)£50
One Surface (from)£105
Two Surfaces (from)£140
Three Surfaces (from)£180
Other FillingsCost
Amalgam Filling (from)£70
Autofill (from)£65
Charisma (form)£100
Gradia (from)£160
Riva or Fuji (from)£80
Root Canal TreatmentCost
Re-Root (Specialist)£890
Crowns and BridgesCost
Gold (from)£470
Porcelain & Metal (from)£520
All Porcelain (from) £635
Dentine Pin (from)£28
Re-cement Crown (from) £35
Post and CoreCost
Metal (from)£183
Zirconia/White (from)£236
Bridge per Unit (from)£490
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from)£520
Bridge per Wing (from)£144
Everstick Bridge (from)£462
Non Surgical£115
Sedation Per Hour£303
1 Veneer (from)£635
Each Additional (from)£575
Per Composite Veneer (from)£400
Partial Upper or Lower 1-3£405
Partial Upper or Lower 4-7£520
Full Upper or Lower£635
Full Upper and Lower£1,210
Chrome (from)£1,000
Invisalign (from) £2,199
6 Month Smile (from)£2,050
Cfast (from)£2,050
Brace Repair (from) £150
Retainer Repair£175
Essix Retainer£170
Smile MakeoverCost
Per Tooth£675
Wax Up£70
Home Whitening£325
Home Whitening Single Arch£175
Zoom! In Chair£560
Top Up Gel£30
Trays Only Per Arch£85
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth)£295
Adult Sports / Gum Shield£115
Child Sports / Gum Shield£65
Night Guard£345
Composite Splint£450
Local Anaesthetic£17
Administration Fee£19
Examinations Price Smile Price
Private Exam £50.00 -
Private Exam - Child £28.00 -
Emergency Appointment £38.50 -
Emergency Appointment - Child £28.00 -
Prescription £12.00 £10.00
X-rays £12.00 -
CT Scan £104.50 £88.83
OPG £30.00 £25.50
Hygiene Price Smile Price
Hygiene appointment £60.00 £51.00
Air Flow £85.00 £72.25
White fillings Price Smile Price
Temporary Filling (from) £50.00 £42.50
One Surface (from) £105.00 £89.25
Two Surfaces (from) £140.00 £119.00
Three Surfaces (from) £180.00 £153.00
Other fillings Price Smile Price
Amalgam filling (from) £70.00 £59.50
Autofill (from) £65.00 £55.25
Charisma (from) £105.00 £89.25
Gradia (from) £160.00 £136.00
Riva or Fuji (from) £80.00 £68.00
Extractions Price Smile Price
Non Surgical £115.00 £97.75
Surgical £215.00 £182.75
Crown Price Smile Price
Gold (from) £470.00 £399.50
Porcelain & Metal (from) £520.00 £442.00
All Porcelain (from) £635.00 £539.75
Dentine Pin (from) £28.00 £23.80
Re-cement Crown (from) £35.00 £29.75
Non-precious white crown £435.00 £369.75
Post and Core Price Smile Price
Metal (from) £183.00 £155.55
Zirconia/White (from) £236.00 £200.60
Bridge Price Smile Price
Bridge per Unit (from) £490.00 £416.50
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from) £520.00 £442.00
Bridge per Wing (from) £144.00 £122.40
Everstick Bridge (from) £462.00 £392.70
Dentures Price Smile Price
Partial Upper or Lower 1 - 3 £405.00 £344.25
Partial Upper or Lower 4 - 7 £520.00 £442.00
Full Upper or Lower £635.00 £539.75
Full Upper and Lower £1,210.00 £1,028.50
Chrome (from) £1,000.00 £850.00
Valplast £1,000.00 £850.00
Sunflex £950.00 £807.50
Veneers Price Smile Price
1 Veneer (from) £635.00 £539.75
Each Additional (from) £575.00 £488.75
Per Composite Veneer (from) £400.00 £340.00
Whitening Price Smile Price
Home Whitening £325.00 £276.25
Home Whitening Single Arch £175.00 £148.75
Zoom! In Chair £560.00 £476.00
Top Up Gel £30.00 £25.50
Trays Only Per Arch £85.00 £72.25
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth) £295.00 £250.75
Extras Price Smile Price
Adult sports/gum shield £115.00 £97.75
Child Sports/Gum Shield £65.00 £55.25
Night Guard £345.00 £293.25
Composite Splint £450.00 £382.50
Periochip £55.00 £46.75
Local Anaesthetic £17.00 £14.45
Administration Fee £19.00 £16.15
Autofill Composite £65.00 £55.25

Read the Testimonials

Very nice dentist and dental nurses. Discussed all treatment options rather than tell me what they were going to do as with some others.

I would recommend this dentist to anyone!

female Lisa R. Hampshire

After weeks of being scared to have a tooth out Fabio took it out today. I was scared because the tooth was severely cracked but Fabio managed to get it all out.

I can't praise Fabio enough he was amazing, put me at ease and sang to me. The lovely dental nurse that came in with me was equally amazing. I am petrified of dentists but the both of them were brilliant,

I highly recommend. Thank you both so so much.

female Maya D. Hampshire

Where professionalism meets customer needs and where science meets humanity. I have no words to describe how superb this walk-in clinic is.

Exceptional reception to the highest standards of customer service & very helpful and skillful dentist who is willing to take that extra step in order to make patients feel better.

Great people and great professionals. The best dental clinic I have even been, by far!

male Angelos M. Hampshire

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