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Monday8:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday8:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm

We are situated inside East Cowes Medical Centre which is next to Waitrose and near to the Ferry Port. You can get to us by foot, public transport or car.

There is no on site parking.

We have full disabled access to our practice including a toilet that is wheelchair friendly

Jacqueline Millroy
Practice Manager
Kelleigh Macfarlane
Treatment Coordinator GDC No. 256461
Dr Abraham Van Wyk
Dentist GDC No. 77698
Dr Gitana Dunskuviene
Dentist GDC No. 184206
Dr Simon Doyle
Dentist GDC No. 78807
Dr Florina Macrina Pojar
Dentist GDC No. 169473
Natalie Morley
Hygienist (Sunday Only) GDC No. 125401
Jenna Kalaker
Head Dental Nurse GDC No. 255379

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NHS Dental ChargesCost
Band 1£22.70
Band 2£62.10
Band 3£269.30
Private Exam£55
Private Exam - Child£28
Emergency Appointment £50
Emergency Appointment - Child£28
Hygiene Appointment£60
Air Flow£90
White Fillings Cost
One Surface (from)£105
Two Surfaces (from)£160
Three Surfaces (from)£170
Other FillingsCost
Temporary Filling (from)£50
Autofill Composite£75
Root Canal Treatment Cost
Re-Root (Specialist) (from)£890
Crowns Cost
Gold (up to)£550
Porcelain & Metal (from)£610
All Porcelain (from) £725
Dentine Pin (from)£27
Re-cement Crown (from) £40
Non-precious White Crown£525
Post and CoreCost
Metal (from)£170
Zirconia/White (from)£220
Bridge per Unit (from)£550
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from)£550
Bridge per Wing (from) £165
Everstick Bridge (from) £550
Non Surgical£70
Veneers Cost
1 Veneer (from)£675
Each Additional (from)£575
Per Composite Veneer (from)£400
Dentures Cost
Partial Upper or Lower 1-3£680
Partial Upper or Lower 4-7£730
Full Upper or Lower£750
Full Upper and Lower£1,400
Chrome £1,000
Valplast (from)£1,000
Invisalign (All Prices From)Cost
Invisalign Go One Arch£2,199
Invisalign Go Dual Arch£2,599
Invisalign Lite One Arch£2,350
Invisalign Lite Dual Arch£2,850
Invisalign Full Dual Arch£4,000
Whitening Cost
Home Whitening£325
Home Whitening Single Arch£175
Zoom! In Chair £560
Top Up Gel£30
Trays Only Per Arch£85
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth)£295
Pre-treatment Assessment£100
1 Implant (Surgery Only)£1,250
Multiple (from Per Implant)£1,000
Smile in a Day (from)£16,000
Zygoma Retained Implants£18,000
Bone Grafts (from)£450
Sinus Lift (from)£1,500
Implant Review£65
Annual Cleaning Under All on Four£275
Tightening Implant Crown Screw£100
Implant Crown Only£1,250
Full Denture on 2 Implant Abutments£6,000
Adult Sports / Gum Shield£115
Child Sports / Gum Shield£65
Night Guard£345
Composite Splint£460
Administration Fee£18
Examinations Price Smile Price
Private Exam £55.00 -
Private Exam - Child £27.50 -
Emergency Appointment £49.50 -
Emergency Appointment - Child £27.50 -
Prescription £12.00 £10.00
X-rays £12.00 -
Hygienist Price Smile Price
Hygiene appointment £60.00 £51.00
Air Flow £90.00 £76.50
White Filling Price Smile Price
One Surface (from) £105.00 £89.25
Two Surfaces (from) £160.00 £136.00
Three Surfaces (from) £170.00 £144.50
Other Fillings Price Smile Price
Temporary Filling (from) £50.00 £42.50
Autofill Composite £75.00 £63.75
Crowns and Bridges Price Smile Price
Gold (Up to) £550.00 £467.50
Porcelain & Metal (from) £610.00 £518.50
All Porcelain (from) £725.00 £616.25
Dentine Pin (from) £27.00 £22.95
Re-cement Crown (from) £40.00 £34.00
Non-precious white crown £525.00 £446.25
Post and Core Price Smile Price
Metal (from) £170.00 £144.50
Zirconia/White (from) £220.00 £187.00
Bridge Price Smile Price
Bridge per Unit (from) £550.00 £467.50
Maryland Bridge - Single Tooth (from) £550.00 £467.50
Bridge per Wing (from) £165.00 £140.25
Everstick Bridge (from) £550.00 £467.50
Veneers Price Smile Price
1 Veneer (from) £675.00 £573.75
Each Additional (from) £575.00 £488.75
Per Composite Veneer (from) £400.00 £340.00
Dentures Price Smile Price
Partial Upper or Lower 1 - 3 £680.00 £578.00
Partial Upper or Lower 4 - 7 £730.00 £620.50
Full Upper or Lower £750.00 £637.50
Full Upper and Lower £1,400.00 £1,190.00
Chrome £1,000.00 £850.00
Valplast (from) £1,000.00 £850.00
Sunflex £850.00 £722.50
Whitening Price Smile Price
Home Whitening £325.00 £276.25
Home Whitening Single Arch £175.00 £148.75
Zoom! In Chair £560.00 £476.00
Top Up Gel £30.00 £25.50
Trays Only Per Arch £85.00 £72.25
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth) £295.00 £250.75
Extras Price Smile Price
Adult sports/gum shield £115.00 £97.75
Child Sports/Gum Shield £65.00 £55.25
Night Guard £345.00 £293.25
Composite Splint £460.00 £391.00
Administration Fee £18.00 £15.30

Read the Testimonials

Outstanding service.

Called to book an appointment as had not had check up for two years and had broken a tooth. Got appointment next day. Had to re-register which was easy.

Staff courtesy was excellent. Fixed my tooth and gave me check up. In and out in under half an hour.


Anonymous NHS Choices

First visit to a dentist in 47 years (apart from having new dentures) as one of my two solitary wisdom teeth had broken.

Seen quickly and tooth extracted in a professional way without fuss.

Really good to find a dentist taking on NHS patients.

male John S. Google Reviews

I would recommend this practice to anybody and have been completely satisfied with the treatment that I have received over the last week.

Having recently moved to the Island I had not yet registered with a dentist and was concerned that this was the case when I developed severe tooth ache.

I should not have worried because at this practice, nothing was a problem and the client care and treatment was excellent across all areas.

When my tooth ache was at it's worst I never believed that this could be dealt with on a Sunday but, again, nothing was a problem and I was seen without lengthy delays.

Many thanks to all concerned.

male Paul F. NHS Choices

Chipped a tooth, turned up for a walk-in appointment and was seen within 15 minutes and the tooth was repaired.

Excellent service and very polite staff.

Have now registered and will be using as my dentist

male Adam W. Google Reviews

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