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Dr Zaid Alabdi
Dentist (Specialist Oral Surgery) GDC No. 75636
Dr Pedro Rodriguez Arteche
Dentist (Orthodontics Specialist) GDC No. 82748
Dr Asmaa El-Kaddar
Dentist (Periodontics Specialist) GDC No. 114637
Dr Marcia Weldon
Dentist GDC No. 167478
Dr Jassar El Jabouri
Dentist GDC No. 251163
Barbara Bolla
Hygienist GDC No. 191717
Jayne Sumner
Hygienist GDC No. 5399

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Private Exam (including X-Rays)£75
Private Exam - Child£25
Emergency Appointment £75
Emergency Appointment - Child£25
CT Scan£110
Small X-Ray£12
Adult 30 minutes£75
Child (0 - 18) 30 minutes £45
White Filling Cost
One Surface (from)£135
Two Surfaces (from)£168
Three Surfaces (from)£195
Root Canal Treatment Cost
Re-Root (Specialist)£850
Crowns and Bridges Cost
Crowns (from)£850
Re-cement Crown £78
Post crown £99
Bridges £126
Re-Cement Bridge (from)£78
Bridge per Unit (from)£892
Post and CoreCost
Metal (from)£435
Zirconia/White (from)£435
Bridge per Unit (from)£882
Everstick Bridge (from)£882
Para-post Chair Side£450
Veneers Cost
1 Veneer (from)£900
Each Additional (from)£850
Per Composite Veneer (from)£771
Non Surgical£275
Sedation Per Session£695
Dentures Cost
Partial Upper or Lower 1 - 3£661
Partial Upper or Lower 4 -7£829
Full Upper or Lower£1,323
Full Upper and Lower£2,205
Orthodontics Cost
6 Month Smile (from) £3,675
Brace Repair (from) £110
Retainer Repair£168
Invisalign Go One Arch £2,500
Invisalign Go Dual Arch £3,000
Invisalign Lite One Arch£3,000
Invisalign Lite Dual Arch £4,000
Invisalign Full Dual Arch£5,250
Implants Cost
Pre-treatment Assessment£100
1 Implant£2,887
Multiple Implants£1,800
Smile in a Day (from)£20,000
Zygoma (from)£22,000
Bone Grafts (from)£1,575
Sinus Lift (from)£1,575
Implant Review £78
Annual Cleaning Under All On Four£262
Tightening Implant Crown Screw£105
Implant Crown Only £1,575
Smile Makeover Cost
Per Tooth£735
Wax Up£75
Whitening Cost
Home Whitening£450
Home Whitening Single Arch£225
Zoom! In Chair £595
Top Up Gel£30
Botox Cost
1 Area£180
2 Areas£250
3 Areas£315
Fillers / Juvederm Cost
1 Syringe£260
2 Syringes£425
Each Additional£220
Cheek Fillers£600
8 Point Mini Lift£1,000
Adult Sports / Gum shield£170
Child Sports / Gum Shield£170
Hard Night Guard£390
Soft Night Guard£170
Composite Splint£440
Administration Fee£17
Children's PricelistCost
Orthodontic Assessment and Referral£25
Glass Lonomer Restoration (from)£30
Fluoride Varnish (per quadrant)£5
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)£25

Read the Testimonials

My procedure is in the initial stages (but most probably the most important stage) and so far I am very impressed with the treatment.

It is very convenient being able to park outside, the Reception Staff are very friendly and Dr Alabdi is most courteous and extremely competent, I was impressed to receive 2 telephone calls after my last treatment making sure I was well and coping.

Dr Alabdi and Marina are very caring and the hygiene in the treatment room is up to a very high standard. So far I am delighted.

female Tricia M. Middlesex

Such a wonderful practice and the staff are second to none, I really could not recommend Damira Cross Deep enough.

I came here after poor care at a previous dentist, and even though I had never been before and I am a bit of a phobic they went above and beyond to help me and make me feel comfortable.

If you want top quality service this is the place to go!

male Chris L. Middlesex

Can't praise this dental surgery enough. I've had a fear of dentists most of my adult life after a trauma injury to my mouth & teeth when I was 14.

Recently I broke a tooth and had no choice but to visit the dentist after an absence of some 9 years! The care I received at Damira was fantastic, with absolutely no pain and I no longer have fear of dentists. And I now have a lovely crown!!

Special thanks to Kat who made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in and the reception staff, who are so friendly.

male Simon H. Middlesex

I have previously had bad experiences with dental issues and contacted Damira Cross Deep as the result of an emergency.

The reception staff were very helpful and I spoke with the Practice Manager who guided me through the process. I was then seen by the dentist who reassured me and explained how to rectify the problems using real time photographs of the damage. It was never going to be a "fun" experience but thanks to the professionalism of the staff it had a successful conclusion, I'm smiling and they have new a patient!

male Nicholas C. Middlesex

All of the staff here are lovely and will go out of their way to help and to give you the best care (even after closing time and on weekends, as I experienced recently!)

I travel to come here because it’s the best dentist I’ve been to.

female Elissa T.

Attended this practice as I had issues with an infected tooth. The treatment I received was second to none. The care that the staff at this practice offer is simply perfect. I was taken in quickly, informed about the whole process and what would happen, shortly after and upon leaving the practice after the treatment, I had received a courtesy call to check that everything went well and all was OK with me.

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who are looking for a dentist in the area.

male Duncan D. Middlesex

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