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NHS Dental ChargesCost
Band 1£21.60
Band 2£59.10
Band 3£256.50
Private Exam £55
Private Exam- Child£28
Emergency Appointment £50
Emergency Appointment - Child£28
CT scan£105
Walk-in Appointment £35
Diamond Shine £65
Regular Fresh £60
Regular fresh & shine £140
New Fresh & Diamond shine £440
White FillingsCost
Temporary Filling (from)£45
One Surface (from)£100
Two Surfaces (from)£135
Three Surfaces (from)£165
Crowns and BridgesCost
Gold (from)£495
Porcelain & Metal (from)£605
All Porcelain (from)£715
Dentine Pin (from)£27.50
Re-cement Crown (from)£33
Post and Core Cost
Metal (from)£165
Zirconia/White (from)£220
Bridge per unit (from)£550
Bridge per wing (from)£165
Everstick Bridge (from)£550
Extractions Cost
Non-surgical £140
Surgical £303
Sedation Per Hour £303
Root Canal TreatmentCost
Incisor £275
Premolar £385
Molar £495
Re-root (Specialist)£880
Partial Upper or Lower 1-3£440
Partial Upper or Lower 4-7£550
Full upper or lower £715
Full upper and lower£1,320
Chrome (from)£990
Valplast £990
Invisalign (from)£2,000
6 Month Smile (from)£1,980
Inman Aligner (from)£1,650
Cfast (from)£1,980
Brace Repair (from) £110
Retainer repair £165
Implants (from)£1,250£1,250
Crown (from)£1,250
Smile in a day (from)£16,000
Zygoma (from)£18,000
Bone grafts (from£450
Sinus Lift (from)£1,500
Implant Review £50
Annual cleaning under all on four £250
Tightening Implant crown screw£100
Full Denture on 2 Abutments£6,000
1 Veneer (from)£660
Each Additional (from)£550
Per Composite Veneer (from)£385
Smile MakeoverCost
Consultation £110
Per Tooth £660
Wax up £65
Invisalign Go One Arch (from)£2,000
Invisalign Go Dual Arch (from)£2,500
Invisalign Lite One Arch (from)£2,250
Invisalign Lite Dual Arch (from)£2,750
Invisalign Full Dual Arch (from)£3,750
Home Whitening £300
Home Whitening Single Arch £150
Zoom! In Chair £550
Top Up Gel£25
Trays Only Per Arch £75
Internal Tooth Whitening (per tooth)£150
Wrinkle RejuvenationCost
1 Area£175
2 Areas£245
3 Areas£300
Underarms £550
Facial FillersCost
1 Syringe£250
2 Syringes £400
Each additional £200
Cheek Fillers £600
8 Point Mini Lift £1,000
Volilift £285
Skin PeelsCost
Glycolic Skin Peel £70
TCA Skin Peel 4x Treatments £599
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance- Light £70
Medium skin peel £120
Back Acne Peel (from)£150
Adult sports/gum shield£110
Child Sports/Gum Shields£65
Night Guard£330
Composite Splint £440
Local Anesthetic £16.50
Administration Fee£16.50

Read the Testimonials

Have been using this dentist for a few years now along with my husband.

We are very pleased with the professional service given,every detail is explained thoroughly and staff very pleasant indeed.

Anonymous NHS Choices

A big thank you to all the friendly staff for the excellent service at this practice.

I have had some awful experiences before with other dental practices and since joining this dentist, I have been so pleased with the work on my teeth and the nerves of 'visiting the dentist' have now gone for good!!!

Anonymous NHS Choices

Great dentist.

Happy, smiley, friendly, helpful staff. Private and NHS dentist. Always professional but friendly and human. Good with advice. Although denial treatments are never going to be pain free - the dentist I see here makes it almost so.

A great example of all that is great about the NHS.

male Henry H. Google Reviews

I've been seen at this practice by Dr Bradbury and Dr woods, both are fantastic dentists.

I would highly recommend this practice to everyone!!!

female Kerry H. Google Reviews

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