What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Sweating is entirely natural, but some people find that they sweat a great deal, which they can find uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing. Hyperhidrosis can occur naturally (it is often genetic) or it can be triggered by other medical factors. We would always advise that in the first instance you consult your doctor if you feel that you sweat too much, so that any underlying cause can be identified and tackled.

Hyperhidrosis can affect different body parts; we typically see patients concerned about excessive underarm sweating.

How Is Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating Treated?

If hyperhidrosis is interfering with your daily activities or causing you embarrassment it is worth treating. This treatment is not a cure – your symptoms will gradually return – but you can have repeated treatments to successfully manage your excessive sweating.

Will This Treatment Work For Me?

Hyperhydrosis can be challenging to treat. We recommend that you consult your GP to rule out any underlying causes. If there is an identifiable cause, it is often better to treat the cause than the symptom. If there is no underlying, we can advise you on whether this method is suitable for you when you come for a consultation.

How Long Does This Treatment Take?

You will need to arrange two appointments: the first will be an initial consultation, when we will carry out an examination and take full details of your concerns, medical history and current health so that we can properly advise you about what treatment options will best meet your needs. At your second appointment the treatment will be gently and carefully applied. You will be able to return to work the same day and should notice an improvement immediately.