What Are Fissure Sealants?

As part of our commitment to preventing tooth decay, we provide your child with fissure sealants. These are thin, plastic coatings that are ‘painted’ onto the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth and act as a layer of protection against decay.

How Do Fissure Sealants Work?

Fissure sealants coat the top of your child’s teeth to prevent any food or bacteria from getting stuck in the tiny grooves and crevices in each tooth. Without fissure sealants, this trapped food and bacteria can encourage the growth of plaque and tartar and lead to decay.

This is a quick and entirely painless treatment: it only takes a few minutes per tooth. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and then the fissure sealant will be applied and allowed to set hard – a special light will be shone on the solution to help it dry more quickly. Your child should avoid eating or drinking for half an hour following treatment to ensure that the solution is properly set.

Will Fissure Sealants Help My Child?

We recommend fissure sealants for all of our youngest patients because even with diligent brushing, tooth decay is very common in children. Fissure sealants provide an added layer of protection that we feel benefits all children.

How Long Do Fissure Sealants Last?

Fissure sealants can last for several years but they can become worn down and may need to be replaced occasionally. Regular, twice-yearly check-ups will help us to keep an eye on your child’s sealants and make sure they are still doing their job.