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The bad news is that mouth cancer is becoming more and more common here in the UK. The good news is that the earlier it’s caught, the higher the chance of getting better. In fact, if it’s caught early enough, nine out of ten people will recover completely.

November marks Mouth Cancer Action Month across the UK. This campaign is spearheaded by the Oral Health Foundation who are keen to increase education of the signs and symptoms of this disease.

What mouth cancer warning signs should you look out for? 

Health professionals recommend that you check your mouth regularly, just as you would other areas of your body. A self-check should include your lips, tongue, the sides of your mouth, the roof of your mouth and the area underneath your tongue.

During this check you should be looking for:

  • any unusual lumps or bumps
  • discolouring such as red or white patches
  • any ulcers or sores that haven’t cleared up after three weeks

Who is most at risk from mouth cancer? 

Anyone can get mouth cancer, so it’s important to stay vigilant. However, there are factors that put some people at more risk than others.

You may be more likely to get mouth cancer, if:

  • you’ve had it before
  • a close relative has suffered from it
  • you’re smoke or chew tobacco
  • you drink a lot of alcohol
  • your immune system is compromised
  • you use sunbeds
  • you have a poor diet

What should you do if you have any concerns? 

If you have any concerns at all about mouth cancer, we recommend that you speak to a health professional. Our dentists are trained to look out for signs of mouth cancer and other serious conditions.

Here’s how to make an appointment at your local Damira Dental practice. In the meantime, you can read some more detailed information about how to spot mouth cancer here.

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