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The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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There are so many options for teeth whitening. Kits can be bought over the counter or online, and treatments are often available in beauty salons. 

Though it’s certainly great to have options, we believe there are very clear benefits to going straight to the professionals. Your dental practice will offer high quality professional teeth whitening you can trust.

Here’s why we think professional tooth whitening is hard to beat.

It’s delivered by qualified and experienced individuals

Yes you can buy a teeth whitening kit to do yourself… but how confident are you that you know what you’re doing?! Our dental staff are qualified and experienced in this type of treatment, which means you can be confident you’ll get the safest and most effective treatment possible. 

It’s completely personalised 

Your dental practice knows your teeth in a way an over the counter kit never could. They’ll be able to assess your teeth and put together a whitening plan that’s designed especially for you. This may mean using a combination of different treatments, or it could mean altering the strength of the treatment to suit your teeth.

It’s delivered in a sterile medical environment

Teeth whitening is a very safe and straight-forward treatment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. When you attend an appointment at our dental practices, you can be confident that all treatment spaces are safe and sterile. 

It’s offered alongside advice you can trust

Once you’ve had a teeth whitening treatment, you’ll also want trustworthy advice on how to care for your teeth afterwards. Our dental staff will be able to guide you on the best choices to make in the future to keep your teeth looking their best. 

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