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Teeth Whitening, a Primer

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No matter how thoroughly we clean them, teeth can become marked over time. Things such as tea, coffee, red wine, soft drinks and nicotine can all put our teeth at risk of stains.

Many people choose to counteract these effects with tooth whitening treatments. Modern treatments are safe and non-invasive. They’re also quick and pleasant… and have a huge impact on how your teeth look!

Where can you have your teeth whitened?

There are lots of options for where to have your teeth whitened. It’s possible to buy tooth whitening treatments over the counter to use at home. This can be a convenient and inexpensive choice, but is generally less effective when not monitored by a dental professional.

Your dental practice is a great choice for teeth whitening treatment. They will be able to offer you effective treatments that are personalised to you. You can also be reassured that dental staff are following policies designed to maintain high levels of safety and hygiene. 

How do teeth whitening treatments work?

Teeth whitening treatments work using safe chemicals to gradually lighten the colour of your teeth. It’s important to remember that these treatments only work on natural teeth, not on crowns, implants or bridges. 

If you’re not sure whether teeth whitening will work for you, talk to your dentist who will be able to recommend the best course of action. 

What kind of teeth whitening treatments are available?

Damira Dental practices offer three teeth whitening treatments; home whitening, White Dental Beauty and Zoom! Professional Whitening System. We are also able to offer a combination of these treatments if we think that’s the right option for you.

If you’d like to find out more about how the look of your teeth could be improved with a professional teeth whitening treatment at Cross Deep Twickenham, or one of our other twenty one locations, please get in touch.