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New Year’s Resolutions for Better Dental Health

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New Year’s Resolutions can be tricky. Come January 1st it’s very tempting to set out a plan to transform ourselves into completely new people… but that rarely works! Instead, many people think it’s wise to set smaller more manageable goals to welcome in a new year.

If you’re looking for a healthy resolution for 2019, why not make your dental health a priority? 

Make flossing part of your routine

How regularly do you floss? If it isn’t yet a daily habit for you, you may want to consider turning it into one. If you’ve never got on with dental floss, there are other options that may work better for you. Many people prefer dental tape, or even interdental brushes. Your dentist will be able to advise on which option will best suit your teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly

One of the best things you can do for your ongoing dental health is to make sure you stick to a regular visit to your dentist. It’s recommended that adults visit the dentist once a year, and children every six months. These regular visits will allow your dentist to identify and treat problems quickly.

Cut down on sugary drinks and snacks

The things we eat and drink have a big impact on the health of our teeth. Sticky and sugary foods tend to be the biggest offenders here. If you want to make a big impact on your dental and general health, you may choose to cut down on sugary sweets and snacks. Sugary drinks such as fizzy drinks and fruit juices are also bad for our teeth.

Stop smoking

Smoking and using smokeless tobacco products is also really bad for our dental health. Resolving to make 2019 the year you stop will make a huge difference to your future health.

Would you like to talk through your 2019 dental resolutions with a professional? Make an appointment with us at Cross Deep Twickenham or your local Damira Dental Practice.