National Smile Month: Facts About Smiling

Photo from Oral Health Foundation National Smile Month

Welcome to National Smile Month! Every year between May and June, dental professionals across the UK mark National Smile Month. This initiative is all about helping people to make small changes to their routine in order to massively improve their oral health.

This year, National Smile Month is from the 13thMay to the 13thJune.

To kick off our National Smile Month celebration here on the blog, we’re sharing some facts about smiling.

Your smile is a hugely important part of your body. It’s often one of the first things other people notice about you and is a key part of how we communicate.

Here are some great facts about smiling:

  • We are all born with the ability to smile. Even babies who are unable to see will smile; proving that it’s not just about imitating people around them.
  • Smiling is a natural, free and quick way to boost your mood. It’s been proven that choosing to smile can lift your spirits.
  • Humans can recognise a smile from 300 feet away!
  • Smiling relaxes your body, which can boost your immune system and improve your health.
  • People are considered to be more attractive when they smile. In fact, one study showed that 69% people found women more attractive when they smiled than when they were wearing make up. 
  • Every time you smile, your body releases endorphins which help to counteract stress.
  • The amount of muscles you use when you smile varies hugely. Some smiles require input from 5 muscles, but some require 53! 
  • Scientists have identified 19 different types of smile. These fall into two main categories; polite ‘social’ smiles that use fewer facial muscles and real ‘felt’ smile that use more facial muscles.

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These fascinating facts about smiling are from Laughter Online University.