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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last and Other Common Questions

You know all those myths about the British having bad teeth? Those rumours that Austin Powers and the Simpsons’ most likely inspired?

Well, we’re here to debunk them! To be most accurate, studies show that they’re all but myths!

That’s right!

Many of our compatriots are taking control of their oral health. So much so that the UK dental industry grew by 12.3% in 2017. There’s also the fact that the general American population lose a few more teeth than the British.

Further proof of this is how more Brits now also ask “how long does teeth whitening last?” Now, they wouldn’t ask this if they weren’t more concerned about their oral health, would they?

As one of these individuals interested in whiter, brighter teeth, you may be wondering about your teeth whitening options.

Don’t worry. We’ll answer all this and more, so keep reading!

Does Regular Teeth Brushing Have the Same Effect as Whitening?

Brushing your teeth is advisable regardless of what colour your teeth are. The problem is that over time, our teeth gather stains.

Smoking, drinking coffee, and even the act of eating, leave dark spots on your smile.

Note that some new whiteners can even cause damage to your enamel if used too much.

Brushing should remain a critical part of your daily routine. But you need to understand that aging makes the teeth more susceptible to stains. As such, these unwelcome marks become deeper and require more than vigorous brushing to remove.

To get rid of them, consider complementing your routine with teeth whitening.

Are There Options in the Teeth Whitening Process?

Yes. They also span different price points so your budget doesn’t have to suffer. Here are a few of them:

1. Whitening Strips

Strips go on to your teeth during the morning and before you sleep. For about 30 minutes, bleaching agents in the strip clean stains as you go about your day.

This method is also cheaper and won’t become a large burden on your monthly budget. Strips cost between 30 and 70 pounds.

The thing is, strips can only deal with lighter staining. So, if your teeth are darker and more yellow, you shouldn’t expect them to make a huge difference.

Also, you’d have to use them for a much longer time to brighten your smile.

2. Bleaching Kits

Bleaching kits offer a heavier duty solution. Each kit comes with a mouth-guard and a stronger solution than that of strips.

The kits are also best for those who have a mild but darker staining. Your teeth trays need to stay on for 30 to 60 minutes each day to be effective.

To maximise the results, you need to consistently use the kits for at least three months.

When it comes to cost, prices can vary. They can be as cheap as 5 pounds. Keep note though that you get what you pay for, so make sure you do your homework, read reviews, and don’t forget to compare products!

3. Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is for cases that at-home remedies can no longer handle. You’ll have to learn if your dentist does tooth whitening work.

The process itself involves applying a special gel to your teeth. The dentist then uses LED lights to dehydrate and whiten your teeth. Each session lasts an hour, so scheduling in advance is important.

Amongst all the techniques, this takes the longest because results may only show after a year. But, it works wonders on much darker-coloured teeth. It’s the most effective for all types of staining.

Can People with Sensitive Teeth Go Through the Whitening Process?

Whitening your teeth will make them more sensitive. If you already suffer from extra sensitivity, the prospect of more pain is repelling.

The good news is, teeth whitening for sensitive teeth is still doable! You only need to prepare more.

First off, tell your dentist right away (and before the whitening procedure) that you have extra-sensitive teeth. Your dentist will then give you a gentle toothpaste. Also, using a soft bristled brush with a light touch can lessen the pain.

Preparing for the sensitivity is also possible by using prescribed sensitive toothpaste. Brushing with the paste for at least a few days in advance help prepare your teeth after the whitening.

It’s generally advised to talk to a professional if you have concerns about extra pain.

Can the NHS Cover Teeth Whitening?

That depends! While the NHS doesn’t cover whitening for cosmetic purposes, the organisation will if you need it for medical purposes.

So… How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Whitening is not a permanent solution to a stained smile. As said above, your teeth are subject to many objects which can stain them. Most foods can cause damage to your pearly whites.

The most evident culprits of all are tea, red wine, and cigarettes.

But staining can stop by adjusting your diet. After your Zoom sessions finish, dentists often suggest using kits that help maintain teeth colour.

Are There Other Dental Options for People Near Bury Knowle Park?

Sometimes, whitening isn’t enough to make your smile perfect. It’s an inconvenient truth, but there are options you can use to improve your teeth.

Veneers cover damaged or unseemly looking teeth. Bridges can help link the gaps in your teeth. Using crowns protect your teeth from suffering any further tooth decay.

Whether you live near Bury Knowle Park or Berkshire, you have many dental solutions to achieve that winning smile.

It’s Never Too Late to Care About Your Teeth

The NHS conducted studies on the overall dental health of the UK. It’s startling to know many people, including children still avoid dentists.

On top of learning about how long does teeth whitening last, you need to learn more about oral health. Proper oral hygiene doesn’t stop at brushing your teeth. Regular visits to your dentist can prevent harmful maladies in the future.

Thankfully, there is never an expiration date on learning. You can still enjoy healthy great looking teeth regardless of your age.

Our blog is a good place to learn more about how you can improve your teeth. So, please feel free to visit our resource page!