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Got Toothache? Here’s When You Should See a Dentist

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It’s not unusual to experience toothache. There are all sorts of reasons why you might be in pain. Some types of pain will be mild and may go away on their own, others are more severe and are likely to need medical attention.

If you haven’t yet got all of your adult teeth, or if your wisdom teeth are still coming through, you may experience occasional discomfort due to growing pains.

Here are four types of tooth pain you should never ignore.

1. Pain lasting for more than two days

Long-lasting dental pain is usually a sign that something is wrong. It’s likely to be the result of tooth decay or an infection. See your dentist as soon as possible so they can address the problem and make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

2. If you’ve broken a tooth, filling or crown

Sudden severe dental pain could mean that you’ve broken something. If you have cracked, broken or lost a tooth, this count as a dental emergency and you should make an emergency appointment with your dentist. You’ll also need to see a dentist ASAP if you’ve lost or broken a crown or filling.

3. If you’re having difficulty breathing or swallowing

If your toothache is accompanied by either of these more serious symptoms, you’ll need to get it checked out as soon as possible. It may be more appropriate for you to go straight to the Accident and Emergency department at your local hospital.

4. If you feel any swelling

Swelling is not uncommon in dental situations, but it should always be taken seriously. It’s usually a sign of an infection or a cracked tooth. We recommend you make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as you notice the swelling.

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