Custom Made Mouthguards VS Off-the-Shelf

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Mouthguards are made from a specialist rubber. They’re worn over the teeth to protect them in scenarios where the chance of injury is high. A good mouthguard will also protect your jaw and even your brain.

When do you need a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are vital for people who play sports. This includes contact sports such as boxing and rugby, but also sports that involve flying objects such as football, cricket and hockey. 

Playing these sports without a mouthguard puts your teeth at risk. If you were to receive a blow to the mouth without a mouthguard, you’d be facing a high chance of tooth damage or even tooth loss. 

What types of mouthguard are available?

There are two main types of mouthguard: custom made provided by your dentist, or off-the-shelf. Some off-the-shelf mouthguards claim to be designed to mould to the shape of your mouth, but this customisation certainly isn’t anywhere near as effective as what your dentist can offer you. 

Why do people choose off-the-shelf?

Simply put: people generally choose off-the-shelf mouthguards because they are cheaper, quicker and easier to get hold of. However, this is a false economy. A cheaper mouthguard won’t protect your teeth as well as a custom one will – which puts you at much greater risk of expensive dental treatment later on.

What are the benefits of a custom mouthguard?

Your dentist will make your custom mouthguard to perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. They’re usually made of better quality materials which will protect you more effectively in case of a blow to the face. 

Custom mouthguards are also much more comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly, which means they will stay in place and won’t fall out or present a choking risk. 

Could you benefit from a custom made mouthguard? 

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