Could Your Child Benefit from Preventative Dental Treatment?

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Preventative dental treatment is treatment designed to prevent dental problems. Investing time in this is much more effective than waiting for problems to occur. 

There are all kinds of preventative dental treatment available. It can be anything from the simple practice of daily brushing and flossing to more specialist dental treatments.

Could your child benefit from preventative dental treatment?

All of us can benefit from preventative dental treatment, whatever our age. It’s especially important to make sure that good dental habits are introduced to children as this will hopefully set them up for a lifetime of good dental health and hygiene.

Unfortunately, statistics show that tooth decay in children is on the up. This shows just how important it is for parents and dental professionals to do everything they can to support great dental health in young people. 

What can you do at home?

The most important thing to do at home is to teach your child how to brush their teeth properly twice a day. Novelty toothbrushes, timers and YouTube videos can all help to encourage your child to do this. 

It’s also important to limit sugar and fizzy drinks for young people. Creating good food habits now can help your child to continue them throughout their lifetime. 

The final piece of the puzzle here is to make sure you visit the dentist every six months. These regular visits help to start a lifelong positive relationship between your child and the dentist, and will also allow the dentist to catch any potential problems early. 

What can your dentist do to help?

In addition to practising good dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, there are other treatments your dentist can offer your child.

Children will usually be given fluoride varnish at every visit. More permanent sealants are also a very effective way for children to avoid decay in their back molars. 

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