An Introduction to Zoom! Professional Whitening System

It’s never been so easy to enjoy brilliant white teeth! We offer a wide range of teeth whitening treatments, all with you in mind. Our expert staff will be able to recommend a treatment that’s ideal for you, even if that means combining two existing systems to create something bespoke.

One of the excellent teeth whitening treatments we offer is the Zoom! Professional Whitening System from Philips. Zoom! is particularly popular with our patients as it’s so fast. The treatment can be used as an in chair treatment applied by our dentists, or as an at-home treatment.

Why choose Zoom!? 

There are a whole range of reasons to choose this fantastic teeth whitening treatment. With Zoom! Philips have created a state of the art teeth whitening system that can make your teeth six shades whiter. If you choose Zoom!, you can be confident your treatment will be dazzlingly effective.

Many patients love Zoom! because it works so quickly. There are no weeks and weeks of applying whitening trays here! Instead, you book one in-chair treatment and come out with significantly whiter teeth. 

Because of this, many patients choose Zoom! when they have a special event looming. It could be a holiday, a wedding, a big party or a work event. Whatever you have coming up, Zoom! could help you instantly look your best.

How does it work?

If you choose Zoom! we’ll make an appointment for you to come in to the practice. You’ll spend about an hour and a half with your dentist, who will be able to complete the entire treatment during this time. 

During the treatment, your dentist will apply whitening gel to your teeth then shine a specially designed blue LED light on your teeth to speed up the process. This will be repeated three times, then your dentist will apply another gel designed to cut out sensitivity. 

You’ll then be able to waltz out of the practice with teeth that are already up to six shades whiter!

Would you like to find out more about what Zoom! could do for you? Give our team at South Ham Basingstoke a call, or find your closest Damira Dental practice here