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An Introduction to: White Dental Beauty

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Tooth whitening is a straight-forward procedure that can make a big difference to how you feel about your teeth.

Everyday drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and Coca Cola can all contribute to staining and discolouring our teeth. It’s natural for teeth to become discoloured as we age, but that’s not to say there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’re pleased to say there are lots of options for restoring your teeth to their original colour. Your local Damira Dental practice is an excellent resource for this, as we offer a whole range of teeth whitening treatments designed to suit you.

One of the treatments we offer is the White Dental Beauty teeth whitening treatment. This is an ‘in chair’ treatment, which means that our qualified dental staff will perform the treatment at the practice, while you sit back and relax.

Here’s why White Dental Beauty is our most frequently used whitening product:

    • It’s completely safe! If you’re concerned about the safety of teeth whitening products, you can be reassured that an ‘in chair’ treatment will be monitored throughout by qualified dental staff.
    • It’s effective! We believe that White Dental Beauty produces a much whiter smile than many other tooth whitening products.
    • It’s long-lasting! Once you’ve got great results, you’ll want to keep that ‘celebrity’ feeling for as long as possible.
    • It won’t affect the sensitivity of your teeth! Some whitening products can result in greater teeth sensitivity. White Dental Beauty is completely safe and does not damage your teeth or cause sensitivity. The treatment is made using carefully selected ingredients designed to keep your teeth protected and hydrated.
  • It has a pleasant minty flavour! Not only does this mean that the treatment process is much more enjoyable, it’ll also leave you with an added feeling of freshness.

After you’ve had White Dental Beauty treatment, our dental staff will be able to advise you on the best way to maintain your new whiter teeth. This can be done with just a few small diet and lifestyle changes.

You’ll also be able to return for small top up treatments as and when they’re needed. The beauty of this whitening product is that returning for top ups is completely safe and will not damage your teeth.

Would you like to experience White Dental Beauty for yourself? Contact Damira Dental Cross Deep, Twickenham for more information, or find your local practice here.